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Monday 08 August 2022 04:08

Local farmers give nod to agritourism

Local farmers give nod to agritourism

Many farmers in Oman had started embracing the comfort that modern methodologies contribute to their livelihood. Rami bin Yahya Al Hadabi is among those farmers but on top of embracing these modern successful methods, he has also ventured into agritourism.

With his farm located in the scenic and fertile Al Suwairej village in the Wilayat of Samail, Al Hadabi discovered the benefits of embracing different crops as well as using hydroponics for some of these crops.

Al Hadabi explained that the idea of the Agritourism business came during his visit to several Asian countries, the United States of America and Britain in the process of marketing his strawberry product.

Upon his return, he decided to implement this idea on his own farm. He opened the doors of his farms not only to tourists but even the local expat population and his fellow citizens. Visitors are provided with an opportunity to roam inside the farm’s nurseries and pick their products from the fresh vegetables and fruits available. He assures that no chemicals are used in the cultivation of the plants. Tourists can pick from the fruits in any quantity they want and the prices are cheaper compared to the prices in the markets.

Al Hadabi said that hydroponics is one of the modern technologies that have been introduced to the farm this year, which required greenhouses for the success of its cultivation. It is intermediate cultivation without using soil, irrigated by an electric regulator and fertilized with healthy water fertilizers that are not chemical-based. Water and fertilizer are put in a tank connected to an electric regulator. The regulator waters the plants daily at a specified time.

Al Hadabi said he creates his own greenhouses and usually do them DIY sourcing the materials from manufacturers in the country who are into the creation of greenhouses. He currently owns six greenhouses inside the farm, all of which are used in the cultivation of various kinds of vegetables and fruits. |

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