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Monday 08 August 2022 02:56

Muscat Municipality signs agreement to transfer Central Market to Khazaen Economic City

Muscat Municipality signs agreement to transfer Central Market to Khazaen Economic City

Muscat: Muscat Municipality signs an agreement to transfer the wholesale storage & sale activities in the Central Market of Vegetables & Fruits in Muwalih to Khazaen Economic City in a new market to set up in 2022, on 800,000 sqm area, at 43 million R.O.

In a statement Muscat_Municipality said: In a move that is aimed at adding a further boost to Oman’s wholesale vegetables and fruits industry, the current central market in Mawaleh will shift to a bigger, more advanced new facility in Khazaen Economic City. Among the many benefits foreseen with the shift are a more organized, well-planned, fully air-contitioned and spacious market with ultra-modern facilities for wholesalers and buyers, which will translate to a lesser heavy vehicle traffic entry on Muscat’s roads, it will also boast of ample parking space for shoppers. The new market will serve as One-stop hub for the retail and wholesale of fruits, vegetables in Oman by consolidating importers, exporters, wholesalers, retailers and consumers in one central destination. 

It also said, World-class infrastructure and facilities will replace the Mawaleh Central fruits and vegetables market as the Government has decided to have only one central fruit and vegetable market to be in Khazaen. Muscat Municipality plans to covert the current Mawaleh to be dedicated for retail, commerical and tourism activities which will be announced following the complete relocation of wholesale activities to Khazaen, added in the statement Muscat Municipality. |

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